Rory Condon


Founding Director
(07) 4937 5600

My Background
As one of the Founding Director’s of CondonTreasure and now Condon Financial, I occupy both a board position and an operational role in the group.
Operationally, my role is incredibly challenging and rewarding. I am incredibly fortunate that the company has grown to a stage that it allows me to do the work that drew me to the accounting profession and public practice full-time. As a starry eyed graduate in the 1990’s, I joined the profession so that I could learn how to help people manage their businesses and finances so that they could achieve what they want for themselves and their families.
My role allows me to share what I have learned from the 100’s of great people I’ve worked with across most of Queensland. While not the most academic of kids, I’ve always been good at solving problems which is a large part of my current advisory role.
I partner with people over time. Together we discover goals, pursuing the strategies and hard work that is required to turn thoughts to substance in goal achievement.
As a leader of Condon Financial, learning and teaching are incredibly important. I take great delight in learning and sharing new things. In terms of formal learning, it started with a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Queensland. Actually, in truth, it started with a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Asian Studies at Griffith University where I raised what was then my Tertiary Entrance score from 820 to 965 so I could attend what was then the best accounting school in the country. Sport was my passion in high school, but back then it wasn’t something that could pay the bills.
After university I studied further and was admitted to CPA Australia Membership. Moving to Roma in South West Qld with my wife, I started my family and a business. During my fourteen years in Roma, I was admitted to the Institute of Chartered Accountants and gained my financial planning qualifications.

Outside of Work
Now based in Central Qld (paradise), the boys are young men, and Condon Financial is well positioned to help our clients with services and products to help them with most of their financial needs.
I take great pride in my new role and my ability over time to help people turn loss making businesses around, generate positive cash flow and start to rebuild a secure financial base for their families. Often though, its more about tidying things up, refocusing and helping people gain clarity, understand what they need to do, and over time constantly improving their business and net wealth.
While I might look 60, I am 43, (yes, I started the business at 27) my oldest son Ben at 16 is the same age as the business, and I get paid to work with great people achieving good things.